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Waste Management Holiday Schedule 2016


January:  New Year’s Day

January:  Martin Luther King Jr Day

May:  Memorial Day

July:  Independence Day

September:  Labor Day

November:  Thanksgiving Day

December:  Christmas Day

If your regular service day falls on or after one of the above dates, your garbage will be collected one day behind schedule.  For questions please call MPW at 731-686-1611.

MILAN TN 38358
OFFICE  731-686-1611
FAX  731-686-8816
LANDFILL  731-686-1341
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Contact Roger Smith

The office is located at 2041 College Street, one block off 79S (W Van Hook) or 4 blocks off Hwy 45 (S First St)
Staff consists of the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, 13 full-time employees, and 2 full-time landfill employees.
Regular MPW office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:AM-3:30PM and from Memorial Day to Labor Day our office hours are 6:AM-2:30PM. The office is closed for lunch from 11:30-12:15. Landfill hours are listed below under landfill policies.  Summer Hours are : Monday-Friday 6:AM-2:30PM  -  Closed for lunch from 11:30-12:15.

Duties of MPW
Policy for curb cuts
Policy for culvert installation
Policy for leaf pick-up
Policy for MPW
Policy for garbage carts
Policy for landfill charges
Policy for sidewalks
Policy of driveway installation & maintenance


1.  Keeping streets in good repair and clean. This includes scheduling paving, patching potholes, street sweeping, loose trash, and other debris, salting icy areas and maintaining curbs.
2. Maintaining property drainage for rainwater in the right-of-ways. This includes cleaning ditches, installing and clearing culverts and drains, and posting flooded areas in the event of traffic hazards.
3. Maintaining right-of ways for safe driving. This includes mowing, cutting back brush and removing low-hanging limbs.
4. Picking up leaves in the fall along the edge of the street.
5. Maintaining communications between City residents and Waste Management. (Our office handles all calls for residents and businesses inside the City Limits of Milan. For more information please see policy for garbage carts & dumpsters.)
6. Maintaining the landfill to monitor intake and sanitary conditions to follow EPA & TDEC guidelines while servicing area residents.
7. Being of service to the City when needed. Help with transporting various needed supplies, setting up and cleaning up for City events, (parades, festivals, etc.). Picking up commodities, providing trash pick-up for City housing and charities, and installing Christmas decorations and flags for the holidays.
Other Key Words For Further Information:sidewalksdriveways


Street curbs are cut for property owners to create or widen driveways. Property owners or contractors should contact MPW before attempting to cut a curb. MPW will cut a curb upon request. The property owner or contractor is responsible for a charge of $50.00 for each opening made up to 25 feet whether it is a new or established drive. An additional $2.00 per foot will be charged over 25 feet.


Any property owner or contractor desiring to install a culvert must contact MPW prior to the purchase or installation of any culvert. MPW determines the length and type of culvert required for the particular area. For any culvert installations, the property owner is responsible for purchasing the culvert(s) and any other materials required for installation. The City will provide the labor at no charge.


Residents may rake their leaves to the edge of their yard to be picked up by MPW. Leaves should not be in the ditch as this poses drainage issues nor should they be in the street as this causes traffic hazards. Leaves should not contain other debris such as limbs or trash; they should not be placed on top of or around any structures or utility lines as this is a safety risk to our employees and machinery. Leaves are picked up by Wards and are rotated for equal opportunity to all residents. Customarily it takes 3-4 weeks to make a full trip around town so we ask that you please be patient during this very busy time. Leaf season begins at the end of mowing season which is typically the week before Halloween and continues to the end of February if possible.  When leaf season ends, all leaves must be bagged or boxed and they will be gathered on your regular trash route day.


The City of Milan Landfill is located on Gold Medal Rd. just off N. Main St/Trenton Hwy. It is open to the public Monday-Friday, 7:00AM-3:30PM. (All burnable items must be unloaded before 3:pm.) City of Milan residents must provide proof of their current occupied residence to the landfill office such as vehicle registration, a current utility bill or receipt in order to dump free. Free dumping does not apply to any other person or entity (ie., businesses, industry, churches, etc). Rental property is considered a for-profit business and will be charged $25.00 per ton. Any contracted worker may take acceptable materials to the landfill at the rate of $25.00 per ton. Industrial waste is accepted at $33.00 per ton. Only cash & approved checks will be accepted as payment. No credit/debit cards accepted. Acceptable waste consists of burnable materials, i.e. wood such as limbs & lumber, and demolition/building materials such as roofing, drywall, concrete, bricks, plumbing fixtures, & etc. IN BEING COMPLIANT WITH THE REGULATIONS SET BY THE DIVISION OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT OF THE STATE OF TN, WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOR DOES OUR CITY TRASH TRUCK COLLECT THE FOLLOWING: ANY TYPE HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS, TIRES, LIQUIDS, OIL, PAINT, BATTERIES, GAS TANKS, ELECTRONICS, TV’s, STEREOS, COMPUTERS, OR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE.
Alternate solutions for disposal of these items: (1) Most retailers selling batteries will dispose of them. Many oil changing stations will accept waste oil. (2) Waste Management will set up a temporary roll-off container for remodeling/construction needs. For further info or to request this service please call 1-800-356-2924. Waste Management collects household garbage, which must be bagged, at occupied residences & businesses that are paying sanitation fees. Carts MUST be to the curb by 6:am of your service day. Once the cart is emptied it must be placed to the side or rear of your residence. To receive a cart, or for repair, or replacement please contact MPW at 731-686-1611. No other debris should be placed in your cart such as; dirt, bricks, limbs, leaves, hot coals or ashes, loose glass or any type of building materials. Weight limit for carts is less than 70 lbs. (3) Gibson Co. Agriplex in Trenton has annual Household Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal Days where paints & other toxic substances may be disposed. For more info call the Solid Waste Division Office at 855-7654. (4) Containers with completely dried paint & lids off can be picked up by Waste Management.
The City of Milan Public Works Dept will pick up the following at the front of your current occupied residence:
1) Yard trimmings/clippings (MUST BE BAGGED) (To help reduce property & equipment damage & for employee safety). When the leaf trucks are not running, leaves must be bagged. 2) Brush must be cut in 6-8 ft lengths. If our equipment cannot remove large pieces such as tree trunks, stumps, or root balls, the property owner will be responsible for removal. (See next section for contracted work info.) 3) Only burnable, nontoxic wood or paper items are collected by our City trash truck. DO NOT PLACE TRASH IN DITCHES, DRAINAGE AREAS, IN THE STREET, PATHWAYS OF OTHERS, ON TOP OF, OR AROUND ANY STRUCTURES OR SERVICE LINES. DEBRIS SHOULD BE PLACED PARALLEL TO THE STREET LINE ON THE EVENING BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED SERVICE DAY OR BY 6:AM THE DAY OF SERVICE. Once your residence is serviced, we will not return until the next scheduled service day.
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: WE DO NOT SERVICE ALLEYS. DEBRIS MUST BE TO THE FRONT OF YOUR PROPERTY/CURBSIDE AREA. Burnable debris less than a half-ton/standard size pick-up load (standard truck bed load 5’6” wide x 8’ long x 4’ high) will be collected at no charge at an occupied residence that is currently paying sanitation fees. Any pile over this amount will be subject to a per load charge of $50.00 plus $25.00 per ton for landfill scale fees. THE CITY DOES NOT HAUL DEBRIS FROM CONTRACTORS SUCH AS BUILDING MATERIALS OR OTHER SIMILAR TYPE OF DEBRIS (i.e., carpet, sheet rock, shingles, plumbing fixtures, etc.); AS IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONTRACTOR TO REMOVE THEIR OWN DEBRIS (*SEE #3 UNDER CITY TRASH PICK-UP POLICY ABOVE) Any vacant lot/property will not be serviced unless authorized by the owner and is subject to per load fees plus landfill scale fees. IT IS AGAINST SANITARY REGULATIONS FOR ANIMAL FECES TO BE PLACED WITH YOUR YARD & OTHER DEBRIS; THEREFORE, IT MUST BE IN A SECURED BAG & PLACED IN YOUR WASTE MANAGEMENT CONTAINER. We do not service any businesses, industries, churches, etc. with the City trash truck for free. These are serviced by Waste Management with a cart or dumpster. To request services please call our office at 686-1611. (This office handles all WM calls for services inside the City Limits of Milan.) For questions regarding any of the contents of this letter please call 731-686-1611. Roger Smith, Director of Milan Public Works/Milan Landfill


Each household will be provided with one 90 gallon Waste Management cart for their household garbage. Any resident inside the city limits of Milan with services from the Milan Public Utilities office is automatically charged a monthly sanitation fee.  Additional fees apply for extra carts. Occasionally there are months with 5 weeks, there are no additional sanitation fees for these months. The cart belongs to the address. When a resident moves, the cart should be left at the address and our department notified so the cart may be collected. If moving to a different location inside the City and a cart is needed, please contact our office. If a cart becomes damaged please contact our office for repair or replacement.  There are no additional fees for repair or replacement.  For questions regarding service days please contact MPW. If your regular service day falls on a Holiday, WM will run one day behind schedule.
Household garbage must be bagged for sanitary and health reasons. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep the cart in a clean condition.  The cart should not be used for yard or construction debris, i.e. grass, yard trimmings, bricks, wood, glass, or any other debris other than general household garbage.

The cart should be at the edge of the street on your service day by 6:AM.  (Milan Municipal Code 17-104 states): As soon as practicable after the cart is emptied it is to be moved to the rear or side of the property & away from the street line until the next scheduled time for collection.  (Occasionally road work, mechanical failure, or other unforeseen incidents occur that may cause your service time to change so please have your cart out by 6:AM.) Any carts not at the street will not be emptied. If you have a disability that prevents you from taking your cart to the street please contact our office. You will need to obtain a letter from your physician verifying your disability. A form may be obtained at our office or at City Hall. The request should be mailed to our office at 2041 College St or faxed to 731-686-8816. Please note that if someone lives at your residence that is not disabled, the service cannot be provided for you as a disability form pertains to all occupants. Only after the form/letter has been received by our office will this service begin.


The Milan Landfill is located at 128 Gold Medal Rd off N. Main St or SR 77. It is open to the public Monday-Friday from 7:AM-3:30PM. All burnable items must be received at the landfill no later than 3:PM. Summer schedule, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, is 6:30 AM-3:PM, and all burnable items must be received no later than 2:30 PM.
Any debris on a trailer such as shingles, wood, or other materials that may require removal with the help of our equipment will NOT be removed between 11:AM-1:PM, as this is our employees lunch periods. You must sign of release/permission form at the landfill to have debris removed from your trailers with our equipment.
Any city resident may take acceptable materials from their home residence to the landfill at no charge. You must show proof of your current residence such as vehicle registration or a current utility bill. Any contracted worker may take acceptable materials to the landfill at a charge of $25.00 per ton. Acceptable industrial waste is charged at the rate of $33.00 per ton. Any rental property is considered a for-profit business and will be charged $25.00 per ton.

READ THE FOLLOWING CLOSELY: There are several different classifications of landfills. TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation) is responsible for the classifications and permits that deem the type of materials acceptable at our landfill. Acceptable waste consists of burnable material; i.e.,  wood such as limbs, untreated lumber, or paper. We also accept demolition materials such as roofing, concrete, and sheet rock. We cannot accept or pick up any type of household garbage, hazardous chemicals, tires, paint, batteries, containers with liquids or chemicals, TV’s, computers, or any other type of electrical device. We do salvage white metal goods such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers.  For further information regarding acceptable waste taken at our landfill please call 731-686-1611 or 731-686-1341.


When the City deems it necessary to install a sidewalk, MPW will install and maintain at the expense of the City.
When a property owner requests a sidewalk and it is in a feasible location the City will install it labor free but it is the property owner’s responsibility to pay for all materials AND maintain the sidewalk in the future. Any future owner of the property assumes this responsibility.


The City is not responsible for installing or maintaining private or business driveways.  The City’s responsibility ends at the intersection of the street and driveway surfaces. The City will not contract any work for installing or maintaining driveways; this is the responsibility of the property owner. If a culvert installation is requested of the city, the city will only repair the removed section of any driveway, with gravel (no other material will be supplied by the city). The property owner will be responsible to replace any driveway covering (concrete, asphalt, etc.) (See the policy for culvert installation for further information on culverts.)


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